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Patent pending 3D printed triple labyrinth seal

Peak performance and long life of the roller bearing depends on keeping contaminants out of the bearing and protecting the lubricant within the housing. The lubricant not only enhances the running of the bearing but also protects the bearing surfaces from corrosion. Effective sealing and maintaining the integrity of the housing is therefore of prime importance.

The JHB bearing units incorporate an inner/outer housing with a spherical ball socket which maintains the Sealtrain® multi labyrinth seals concentric with the shaft even under shaft/mounting structure misalignment. This allows the use of tight running clearances between seal and inner housing seal bore surfaces.

Sealtrain® seals are directly interchangeable with other manufacturer’s triple labyrinth seals and can replace both nitrile rubber and aluminium seals. They can be ordered separately to the inner housing, specific to the shaft size required.

Sealtrain® seals can be fitted and released in seconds using the release tool which comes as standard with each seal.

  • Compatible with all major split roller bearing manufacturer’s housings
  • Can replace nitrile rubber and aluminium types
  • Intrinsically safe – can be used where aluminium is prohibited
  • Gripped on the shaft with Viton ‘O’ rings as standard
  • Suitable for temperatures from -20° to 150°C
  • Ease of installation. No tools required
  • Simple to remove using the removal tool supplied with each seal
  • Lighter than other types of triple labyrinth seals
  • Operates up to bearing maximum speeds
  • Special shaft sizes easily accommodated with bespoke seals
  • Can be manufactured to suit worn shafts

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