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JHB Split Bearings (New)

An Introduction to the John Handley Split Bearing

The split roller bearing was invented at the beginning of the 20th century and has been an industry stalwart ever since. Split roller bearings are renowned throughout industry for their ability to improve efficiency by reducing downtime, resulting in increased production. They are highly regarded for saving time during installation, inspection and maintenance for end-users, whilst also offering simplified machine and shaft design for equipment manufacturers. Essential for applications where bearing locations are trapped or access is limited, split roller bearings also eliminate the need to remove ancillary equipment from the shaft when installing or replacing the bearing.

The design of the split roller bearing has remained largely unchanged for over one hundred years… until now!

As a company primarily founded around the split roller bearing JHB, along with the Bowman Group, have developed a split roller bearing with significantly increased load capacities with an innovative new design which incorporates separate radial and axial elements. We have updated the split roller bearing for the modern world by extending its operating envelope into high thrust load applications that cannot be covered by existing split roller bearings.

The JHB Split Roller Bearing is designed and manufactured in the UK and is offered with price and numerous performance advantages over existing split roller bearings as well as exceptional technical support through Bowman Advanced Engineering – the technical wing of the Bowman Group.

Design Ethos

    The remit for the product was to design a bearing with:

  • The highest radial and axial capacities (static and dynamic) of any split-to-the-shaft bearing currently available in any format, cylindrical; spherical; taper or ball bearing – by completely re-engineering the split roller bearing and utilising the new technologies now available.
    > Radial Capacity 70% Increase > Axial Capacity 1000% Increase
  • High strength housings to cope with increased loads
  • Uprated fixing hardware compared to currently available product
  • Simplified installation and maintenance – run-safe bearing design / minimised bearing failure strategy by designing cage jointing method with no loose parts,
    housings with no grub screws/side rods to axially locate the fixed bearing outer races
  • ROLLERTRAIN® 3D printed bearing cages allow complex geometries and flexible design to be utilised
  • Separate rolling elements accommodate axial loads independently of radial loads enabling, for the first time, calculation of an axial L10 life
  • Greater axial expansion of the non-locating bearing than leading competitors
  • Extended working life by the ability to replace or re-use components
  • Inner housing is interchangeable within existing manufacturers outer housings
  • Inner housing incorporates patented SEALTRAIN® composite multi-labyrinth seals
  • Inner and outer housings manufactured from ductile (SG) cast iron for high strength and durability

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