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Bearing Housings / Plummer Blocks and Adapter / Withdrawal Sleeves

Bearing Housings / Plummer Blocks


A rugged cast steel Bearing Housing / Plummer Blocks for Crusher in extremely dusty mining environment Bearing Housings / Plummer Blocks are normally produced against customers specific requirement after the approval of assembly drawing.

During machining stages, bore diameter is critically controlled within the specified dimensions. Apart from this, tolerances are also observed on the ovality, taper of the bore and the center height of the Bearing Housings. All the tolerances are in accordance with the International Standards.

Final assembly involves ensuring overall dimensions, leakage test, stamping of mating components of each assembly, rust preventive coating on the machined/critical surfaces, red oxide and red paint on the inside non-critical surfaces and the surface treatment and painting of external surfaces. The housings are then appropriately packed to avoid transit damage

The company can supply Special Bearing Housings / Plummer Blocks either according to (reputed Bearing manufacturer's design) or as per customer's drawings or tailor made bearing housings.

  • Technical Data
    Housings are cast in either of the following material
    Standard : Indian British USA
    Cast Iron : IS 210 GR. FG 260 BS 1452 GR. 260 A 48CLASS 35 A
    SG Iron : IS 1865 SG 500/7 BSS 2789 ASTM 536-67 80-55-06
    Cast Steel : IS1030GR.280-520N ASTM A 148-80/40

However, other grades can also be used. The material composition along with tensile strength is checked with the help of the test bar. If necessary Radiography is done particularly of the load bearing zone. Furthermore, the castings are annealed and stress relieved. The required heat treatment charts can be provided on request.

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Adapter Sleeves

Adapter and withdrawal sleeves are used to facilitate mounting and dismounting of Bearings. In the absence of such sleeves, the Bearings would have to be mounted directly on the shaft and this will cause significant problems in mounting and dismounting. Also the use of sleeves allows the shaft to be machined to broader tolerances thus saving costs.

However this requires that the sleeves must be made to close material specifications as well as accurate machining tolerances. No wonder it is said that a significant % of bearing failures are attributed to faulty design of associated components, including sleeves.

Antimu follows International standards in their sleeves manufacturing.

Apart from the metric sizes, Antimu can also supply inch sizes and its variations, as per American standards etc. The normal sizes vary from size 4 to size 500. Special sleeves can also be made as per customer requirements.

The adapter sleeves come complete with lock nuts and lock washers. The large sizes have oil injection holes drilled axially for using suitable equipments.

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