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Pinnacle Bearing (mounting) Heaters

The New Bearing Heaters with a difference:
Antimu introduces new unique Bearing Heaters which are most reliable, convenient, portable and cost effective in the market.

A simple heating idea with a creative use of a  unique Pinnacle shaped ,special material body, makes the heater extremely versatile.
Mounting Bearings by heating in oil bath or by a naked flame is  old, outdated and dangerous procedure. Besides this, may lead to bearing damage during the mounting itself!  On the other hand Induction heating though,  a well accepted practice; quite often , can be quite expensive  due to sophistication  involved. Yet thousands of bearings need to be mounted every day in workshops/factories across the country.

Antimu offers a  unique solution of Pinnacle Bearing Heaters which  are simple, easy to use and have following advantages:

  • Portable: The heaters do not weigh more than 3.2 kg, making them highly portable and easy to carry to work place.
  • Convenient: The models wattage is 725 W for (all heaters except XL Model which is  1450 W) making them very convenient enabling connection  to even a domestic  electrical  outlet.  No need to worry about special  2/ 3 phase connections.
  • Non Magnetization:  Demagnetization is not necessary as electrical resistance heating is involved.
  • Wide Ranging:  The unique design of the heater makes in suitable for wide range of bearings.  Objects  other than bearings can also be heated.
  • Simplicity:  Just keep the job on the heater and heat! No complex manuals, or training is necessary.
  • Cost Effective: Priced much  lower than comparable induction heaters, making them ideal choice for repairs, maintenance, light  production work.
  • Reliable: Simple design of the heater ensures a much longer life than the 1 year guarantee period.
  • Specification

    Model Bearing Size (I.D.)
    MM (HXW)
    B 10-145 725 2.54 250 x 250
    * Super 20-205 725 3.2 250 x 250
    * XL 140-460 1450 5.5 355 x 533

    With Temperature thermostat preset  at 120ºC.

    NOTE: Jobs which are more than 45 kg. in weight will need additional external support.

    Models are supplied with following accessories:

    • Temperature Crayons (Only for B Model)
    • Carrying bag (Except XL)
    • High Temperature Heat Resistance Gloves
    • Warning Sign
    • Bearing Tapper
    All heaters carry a 1 year guarantee.

    The heaters are imported and carry CE & UL Approval.

    The heater is available in 3 model

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