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multi flex round (Axially Free)


  • Approved by International Class societies and Certified by Water Works Department
  • Having 4 different types of highly chemical resistant rubber sleeves for different applications
  • For temperature range from -30ºC to +300ºC
  • All metal parts made up of stainless steel thus fully “Corrosion Proof”
  • Available in both Standard & Long Lengths
  • Working Pressure range from 7 bar to 30 bar
  • Suitable for all piping materials like PVC, other plastic materials, Cement, Asbestos, Cast iron, Copper, Aluminum, steel etc.
  • Torque value specified on each item
  • Allows maximum inclined deviation upto 10º
  • Allows maximum Diameter difference of 4 mm between pipes
  • Special construction allows use for applications involving sub-atmospheric pressure
  • Unique progressive sealing effect and powerful gripping force. Dampens, water hammer and vibrations.
  • Can be supplied with inserts for pipes carrying slurries or for vacuum service.

Multi Flex Round Standard
Pipe Outer Diamater Range : 27.2 mm to 355.6 mm
Length - Couplings : 57 mm to 155 mm

Multi Flex Round Long
Pipe Outer Diamater Range : 34.0 mm to 355.6 mm
Length - Couplings : 100 mm to 255 mm

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