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“PROBLEM” of Traditional methods of Shaft-Hub connection using keyways and splined locking systems is that the “Notch of the keyway will invariably show stress concentration leading to reduction in fatigue strength”. Also under, overload and frequent torque reversal conditions, connected parts undergo micro movements, causing damages.

On the other hand high interference methods of mounting prove to be difficult where mounting-dismounting of parts is concerned.


“SOLUTION” lies in using keyless locking devices which has the advantage of forced fit systems, yet without the associated problems of installation-removal.

The basic principle is very simple: It is the use of at least two sleeves which have tapered surfaces. The sleeves are pressed against each other through the axial load of the screws, which in turn generate high radial forces that act on the bore of the hub and the shaft thereby locking the parts by friction.

Standard Locking Devices

These provides keyless zero backlash connection between shaft and hub like gears, pulleys, cams, levers, rotors etc. Units are well suited to transmit torque, thrust loads, bending moments and radial loads.

Shrink Discs

These are external locking devices which provide rigid zero backlash connections between the hollow shaft (hub) and shaft (Eg. Hollow shaft gear box) Shrink discs are installed on the hub, which is mounted on the connected shaft.

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Rigid Shaft Couplings

These are external locking devices which are used to connect shafts.

Mini Series

These are single tapper locking devices, with medium to high torque capacities. These are ideal for small sizes general purpose units.

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Special Products

Products can be made available in stainless steel also. Though the standard Shaft diameters can be from 10 mm to 1000mm, special items and sizes can be developed for customer’s specific requirement.

Hydraulic actuated products where the taper sleeves are pressed against each other by hydraulic pressure are also available.

Fully Hydraulic clamping devices use Double walled sleeves. The sleeves are pressurized internally through use of a hydraulic fluid. This deforms the sleeve elastically and uniformly against the bore of the hub and the shaft, making a strong connection.